Apricot is a fun-loving girl who loves exercise and long walks. She is very sweet and great with kids and other dogs. She loves to cuddle, give kisses, and will sleep at the foot of your bed at night if you let her. She's a great listener and knows her name. She will follow you around the house and loves attention. She would do well with an active person or someone with a yard. Apricot is a fan of playing with her people and running around. She will cock her head to the side if you make a funny noise- it is the cutest thing! Apricot really looks forward to going for walks, and sometimes she gets so excited when she sees other dogs that she will bark and pull towards them. She will need continued training to correct her overexcitement on the leash. She gives a ton of kisses all of the time because she loves her family so much. Apricot is a human-orientated dog and is looking for a family that will give her tons of love and affection. She really wants to be involved in daily activities and appreciates cuddling time. 

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Pomeranian Mix
5 Years
14 Pounds