Bear was rescued from a shelter whereupon we immediately took him to our vet for a full exam. We learned that he suffered from a grade 3 heart murmur and would need to be on daily heart medication for the rest of his life. Bear is incredibly sweet and so loved by his foster, but unfortunately his medical issues have continued to grow since welcoming him into OC Pom Rescue care. His heart murmur has increased to grade 4 and he has recently been diagnosed with kidney disease. Bear also suffers from disk issues in his back, arthritis in his hips and legs, and patella issues. It costs around $100 each month to cover his daily medication and routine vet check ups. We are hoping to raise money for Bear because he is a long-term foster who is likely going to be a hospice foster at this point, unless we find "the one" for him. Any funds raised or items donated will help us recuperate the costs we've spent for his medical care, and of course, fund future routine costs and emergencies.



Pomeranian Mix
9 Years
18 Pounds

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