Bernadette is calm and loves to be held. She prefers to follow her foster mom around the house and lays by her feet on her bed while she works. She will put her paw on people to ask for pets! She does not like her crate and will whine or bark to be let out. She has learned to play with plushy toys when her foster mom plays with her, but isn’t too interested in toys usually. Bernadette enjoys puzzles with treats  to sooth her when her family leaves for long errands.  She likes having her dedicated space to nap in and sleep in at night. Bernadette also likes to sleep with her foster parents at night. She likes chicken flavored treats and wet food! She is calm riding in the car. Bernadette is timid on walks and tends to be scared of noises and moving objects, but she had been coming out of her shell and exploring more of the yard and neighborhood with positive reinforcement. She is shy around new people, but is very cuddly with people she sees often. Bernadette really enjoys indoor play time where she chases her foster parents around and gets the puppy zoomies. 

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Cream Sable
5 Years
7 Pounds