Denver is very friendly, gets along well with other dogs, and doesn't seem to notice cats. He seems to like older children when we are at the park or beach. Denver doesn't have a lot of worldly experience but is eager for adventure. Denver gets stressed out by a crate, but loves the couch and sleeping on the bed with his pack. He is not a fan of being alone for long hours. Denver loves chew toys and is learning how to fetch. He is not a picky eater and he lets his foster mom groom him and clean his teeth. Though, baths can freak him out, so his foster mom goes slow. Denver is hesitant about the car but loves it when he reaches his destination. Denver is excited to be part of the group. Denver is working on house training but is making good progress. He does bark, but his bark is soft. Denver is a very sweet goofball. He is easy-going, loves to dance and run around, and he is excelling at zoomies. He is very excited to be part of the group!

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Black and brown
3 Years
6 Pounds