Elton is around 2 years old and still has lots of puppy energy! He’d love a playmate and has done well with other small animals like cats and a bunny. He is incredibly sweet and cuddly and prefers to be near his human at all times. If you want a snuggle pup, Elton is your guy. His biggest passions in life are sniffing bushes and rearranging throw pillows (the more pillows the better). This little guy also loves to pretend he’s a worm and a kangaroo, so don’t be surprised to find him wiggling around on his back or trying to jump right into your arms!

Elton does very well on a leash and loves to go on long walks, especially if he gets to run around in some grass along the way. He does get excited to see other dogs and occasionally humans and will bark at them, so he’ll need continued work on being less reactive. He is very sweet when meeting strangers on his walk though once he gets over the initial surprise. Elton doesn’t play with toys often, but he will growl and snap at your hand if you try to reach toward him while he has a toy, so he’ll need some continued work on resource guarding. He is potty trained but may take a little bit to adjust to his new home and schedule. Elton is looking for a loving home where he can get all the playtime and couch cuddles his heart desires!

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Elton John

2 Years
8 Pounds