Fendi is a happy little gir! She adores getting tons of attention. She is ornery with strangers and can take a small bit to calm down after initially meeting them. She is very smart and knows some basic commands. Fendi is a girl who loves her routine and looks forward to walking throughout the day. Fendi likes to play but does not quite know how to play with other dogs. She follows her foster mom everywhere, enjoys playing with toys, and REALLY loves to be groomed. She gets very excited for brushing time! Fendi also loves a good belly rub! She is a major cuddler. Fendi can be a diva and wants to be spoiled! Fendi can be feisty and not kind to new people, so we encourage soft introductions so that she can calm down and get comfortable. She would not be ideal for a home with kids since she can be feisty at times. Fendi has lots of energy and is very alert. She ultimately wants to be the center of attention in her forever home and get tons of cuddling time! 



Maltese Mix
3 Years
9 Pounds