Fergie is a loyal and gentle Shih Tzu. She adores being held like a baby and getting tons of kisses. Fergie is working on potty and leash training with her foster. She had not had any experience going for walks before coming into the rescue, so her foster is encouraging her when she takes her outside. She does well in a crate and in the car. One of Fergie's ears is mostly closed, most likely from previous trauma or repeated ear infections, so she will need this ear to be regularly cleaned out with a warm washcloth or an over-the-counter ear rinse solution. This is to prevent her from getting ear infections in the future. Fergie wants to be a purse dog where she can be carried and treated like royalty. She would do well in a home where she can get lots of attention and go with her people everywhere. Fergie is nice to other dogs and older, dog-experienced children. She may be nervous at first, so lots of cuddle time is needed!



Shih Tzu
Black and White
5 - 7 Years
7 Pounds