Finnegan is a curious and calm guy. He loves car rides and likes to look out of the window. When he is home, he enjoys sitting next to his human and getting scratches. Finnegan enjoys going for shorter, shaded walks. He will do a little dance when he sees his leash and harness or he will run around you. He can be a sassy guy when he wants your attention, and he will give a small growl or bark if he wants to be cuddled. Like most Pomeranians, he does alert his people when someone approaches the front door. Finnegan does not like to be picked up by his armpit area, but prefers to be lifted from the body. He has had a sporadic and small cough whenever he gets extra excited, which the vet has treated (after x-rays) with medicine for kennel cough. If this persists, it could be the very early stages of collapsed trachea, but that has not shown up on the x-rays done by our vet. On his walks, he enjoys greeting other dogs along his route and he may even stand up or do a paw dance to signal that he wants to sniff another dog. He LOVES treats and will jump on his back legs to beg. Finnegan is overall eager to please his people and wants nothing more than to be with his family wherever they go. In the home or out on errands, Finn wants to be with you! 



8-10 Years
8 Pounds