Heber is a timid Pomeranian and shy at first, but once he sees that his new environment is safe and loving, he will open up and become your little shadow. Since he is very loyal, he wants to follow his human all around the house and does not prefer to be in a crate, but can be crated for a few hours if needed. He has mandibular symphyseal separation; there is a hole separating his left and right jaw due to severe dental disease from his previous lifestyle so he needs to have his meals softened with water. Eating is his favorite part of the day and he does happy circles when his meals are being prepared. Heber travels well in the car and enjoys staring out the window. He is leash trained and currently working on potty training. He is very curious about other dogs and would do better in a home with another dog that he can sniff and chill with, but not necessarily engage in play. Heber does well with positive encouragement and pets and is looking for a home where he can be with his human most of

the day.

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Brown and black
7 Years
4 Pounds