Magnolia is a female Pomeranian puppy who was born in May of 2022 and will most likely be a larger pom (we would like to guess around 10 pounds). She is rambunctious, curious, and happy-go-lucky. Magnolia loves to play with other friendly puppies and toys. And when we say play, she feels confident enough to go up to other dogs and initiate play! She needs puppy training, which may include crate, leash, and potty training. She is eager to learn with positive reinforcement! Magnolia will do best in an experienced home who can give her the training she needs and she will do well with dog experienced kids. Magnolia can be calm at first, but when she gets comfortable she will branch out to play. She is happy spending time with her people and will find ways to entertain herself while her foster dad works from home. 

*Magnolia will need to be spayed, which is covered through her adoption fee at partnered vets with OC Pom Rescue. Adoption will not be final and she will remain property of OC Pom Rescue until spayed. 

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White and brown
4 Months
5 Pounds