Miska is an active and friendly girl. She LOVES to go on walks and play with her human at home. Miska will bark and pull on a leash when other dogs are present on her walk, but has been responding well to correction and redirection. When dogs are not present, she is great on the leash and will often look back at you with a goofy smile! She is trained to go potty on a leash and has learned to use her foster's backyard. She is a human-orientated dog and wants to be the center of attention. Miska loves playing with her human, especially in her lap! Miska is looking for a home where she can be the only dog or be with another calm dog. She wants to get loads of attention and playing time with her family. Miska warms up quickly to her person and will even run around you when you try to catch her or pick her up. She gets very excited! Miska loves to cuddle with you and sit on the couch for a good movie marathon. She loves treats and will do a Pommy dance for one. Miska also enjoys playing with toys and going for car rides. She oftentimes has zoomies in her foster's home and backyard when it comes to play time! She is a very sweet girl looking for a kind home where she can be spoiled rotten!!



3 Years
12 Pounds