Norah is super sweet!. She has opened up and come out of her shell, but can be pretty shy still.  Norah ,approaches many things with curiosity and caution. She does great with other animals and people alike. She does have a lambchop toy that’s squeaky and is responsive to the toy. Norah easily attaches to her people and will bark when she is left alone for an extended period. She’s pretty solid on going potty outside - maintaining a schedule has been key. She’s good in the car as well. She loves her walks and just being with another person makes her happy. I think it makes her feel safe and loved. She’s a huge fan of getting scratched and is beginning to walk ahead (when she’s in an explorer mood). I think she would do well with another dog or cats. She doesn’t mind her foster mom's cats, but certainly loves playing with almost every dog she meets. Her foster family has been taking her on friend walks with another dog and she absolutely loves it. A little bit of patience will be needed for her to get into a routine / good balance of attention since she’s had such a tough life.

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7 Pounds