Norman came to us from a shelter in Northern California where he was turned in after he was found in a car with his owner whom he watched die. Norman suffers from seizures, for which he has been hospitalized twice, and we do not know if they are caused by a brain tumor or neurological issues. Unfortunately this is a common side effect for dogs who are exposed to heavy drug use by their owners. If that weren't enough, this poor little guy also has a collapsed trachea and a mass on his stomach, along with fear-based aggression because he has been moved around so much and struggles to trust people.

We have tried our hardest in the six months we have had him to adopt him out to his perfect person, but sadly we have not found them yet and we don't want him to have to settle. He requires a really specific home with no men, children or dominant dogs, but rather lots of behavioral and medical experience to accept his fear-based biting and history of seizures. He has come such a long way since we first got him and has shown us that he just wants someone to love and trust; he adores nothing more than beach days and Starbucks runs with his foster mom. Norman is so beyond dedicated to his person, and shows so much gratitude for their affection. He will make someone so lucky and loved!

We are hoping to raise money for Norman because he is a long-term foster who is likely going to be a hospice foster at this point unless we find "the one" for him. Any funds raised or items donated will help us recuperate the costs we've spent for his medical care, and of course, fund future routine costs and emergencies.

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Pomeranian / Chihuahua Mix
11 years
8 Pounds - Small