Tank is a fun-loving guy! He loves to play and has tons of energy. Tank enjoys going for multiple walks per day and does zoomies in his foster's backyard. He would not do well in a home where he does not have access to a yard or active times to run around and play. Tank gets along well with other dogs, knows some basic commands, and enjoys being around his family throughout the day. He is not the biggest cuddler, but likes to know where his people are. Tank LOVES treats and may even stand on his back two legs for you. He may be timid when he first meets you and have a little accident, but warms up quickly with treats and positive reinforcement. Like many puppies, he needs an adopter who will continue training on his manners and socialization in busy places. He does get car sick in the car, but does better when he can sit in his person's lap. Tank is a smart guy and is eager to please, so he picks up training and his person's routine quickly. He is excellent on a leash and is happy visiting new places. Tank is looking for a home that wants a puppy and the energy that comes with him!



10 Months
11 Pounds