Tommy is a very sweet and friendly dog. He can be shy at first, but warms up to lots of cuddles and outdoor activities. He wants to be with a person all of the time. He is happy with other calm, friendly dogs. Tommy can get intimidated with loud people and  alpha type dogs. He does very well with positive reinforcement and is eager to learn and please his person. Tommy is looking for an active home where he can go on a lot of adventure and go places with his people. He LOVES walks, short hikes, and trips to the beach. He is great in the car, on the leash, and he is crate trained. Tommy will show you that he is happy by looking up at you with a smile on walks. He enjoys playing and taking naps with his fellow foster sibling. Tommy will give you the sweetest eyes and even put his paw on your leg when he wants back scratches or kisses. He is kind to all people and dogs! Tommy likes to sniff at a new person from afar at first before coming up to them. Tommy would make an ideal companion for someone looking for an active dog to take on all sorts of adventures. He would be happy with a family or a single individual. Tommy ultimately wants lots of attention, cuddles, and activity.

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Red Sable
10 Months
11 Pounds