TOPEKA! She is a sweet girl that just wants to be cuddled up with her person. She travels well in the car and LOVES to play and sleep cuddled up with her foster sister. Unlike some of the other pups, she is a great eater!! Topeka likes small dogs and would probably do better with other dogs in the house. Though, she barks at her foster's Aussie and cat, but doesn't chase the cat. So, she probably wouldn't do well with bigger dogs or cats in the house. Topeka loves toys and pulls all of them out of the basket and takes to her favorite spot in the house. She can be crated for short periods of time when her foster parents leave, but she prefers to be in her favorite spot of the house with toys and a bed and blanket. Topeka is working on leash training, but she can be timid in loud, bustling places. 

This girl WILL do zoomies in the yard and is loving her newfound space. She may even do zoomies in the home too when she gets excited and comfortable. What else can we say about Topeka, other than that she is a lover and gives kisses!

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5 Years
7 Pounds