Yorkshire Terrier
Tan and Black
10 Years
8 Pounds

Gingerbread is a loving girl, who enjoys being next to her person all day. She is quiet and very affectionate. Gingerbread is crate, leash, and potty pad trained. She is nice to everyone that she meets and is no stranger to a good cuddle session. She travels well in the car on a dog bed or in a crate. When Gingerbread gets really excited, she will wag her tail like crazy and do a little dance until you pick her up. She always gets very excited when treats come out or when it is time to head to the park. Gingerbread had a tough life before, so she does suffer from a grade 4 heart murmur, cataracts in her left eye, and perichondrial hematoma (cauliflower ear) from repeated trauma on her left side. She is not currently on heart medication for the heart murmur, but may need medication in the future. Gingerbread is looking for a home that will spoil her with treats and sweaters, and will give her limitless amounts of attention. We are hoping to raise money for Gingerbread because she is a long-term foster who is likely going to be a hospice foster at this point, unless we find "the one" for her. Any funds raised or items donated will help us recuperate the costs we've spent for her medical care, and of course, fund future routine costs and emergencies.

Contact Us!

Email: info@ocpomrescue.com

Mailing Address:

170 East Yorba Linda Blvd, Suite 523

Placentia, CA 92870

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