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1 Year

10 Pounds

Brett is a sweet and easygoing guy. He loves to play and go for walks. He marks a bit at first until he learns his potty routine. He is not a barker, but he may chime in if he hears another dog barking or is especially active and playing. Brett can be shy at first, but is overall a very happy dog who is looking to please his humans and get tons of time to play. An easy way to gain Brett's affection is by taking him to the dog park or really any park where he can run around. He LOVES being active and going out and about. Brett is sweet to children and other dogs, especially as he gets comfortable in his home. Brett is still young, so he can have playful bursts of energy where he will ask to play and get his toys. He would not be ideal for a home with senior dogs as he is still learning boundaries for when it is a good time to play. If you are looking for a kind, young dog to take for regular walks and play with, then Brett is your pup!

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