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1 Year

19 Pounds

This sweetheart of a guy is a powerhouse of energy and a bundle of yummy love.  He will steal your heart and demand your attention.  He’s best suited for an experienced puppy owner who is active and wants to include their fur baby in every part of their lives because Artemis is go-go puppy.  Always alert and ready for the next attraction.  He’ll even let you know when he’s ready.  A hint: he can jump really high.

If you’re looking for a BFF, this is your man.  He will taunt you all day long and then snuggle up with you on the couch in the evening.  He’s crate trained for sleeping. 


Artemis is super smart, primed and ready to absorb immediate training.  He knows to sit, come and stay, but constant reinforcement happening now.  He’s learning to appreciate walking on a leash alongside his pack and learning some valuable puppy life lessons along the way😊


Artemis does like to bark and apartment living would be very difficult for him and your neighbors.  He gets along well with other dogs, but if he were to share a home, bear in mind he’s still learning manners and testing boundaries.  At the end of the day, he gets it with reinforcement and treats. 


He’s a hunter.  Anything that moves is fair-game and game-on.  He would not be good in a house with other types of pets or very small dogs.  Artemis is all boy all the time.  If you need a little 22 lb sidekick, I am not kidding…he will be your one and only furever.  He’s such a cool little dude.  I could see him wearing a little tool belt.


For Recreation (after basic training): Artemis would really enjoy barn hunts / hide and seek types of activities.  He is driven towards anything that moves, even lizards. He would not fit in a home with children under 14.  Artemis is still very much a puppy and is learning appropriate boundaries.  He LOVES chew toys and needs lots of them to keep him occupied.  He’s a bit of a goofball and throws some of his stuff toys up in the air and then chases as it falls to the ground or he’ll just fling it around in his mouth.  Lots of personality going on here, but he loves being babied too.

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