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4 Years

9 Pounds

Sweetheart Lillet is the sweetest girl. She is timid at first and really wants affection from her humans. She might bark at other dogs in the home for about 1-2 days but will love them afterward. She does well with cats and children. Lillet is definitely a homebody. She does enjoy shorter walks and will let you know when she's done by asking to be picked up. Lillet is learning to play still and will get the zoomies when she has a burst of energy. She has learned to use the potty pads (though she will need to learn the potty expectations in her new home) and commands like sit and sit pretty. She loves to be close to her human and enjoys being cuddled close. If she wants a tighter hug she will let you know by grabbing onto your shoulder to bring you closer. She also loves going to work with her humans and is okay being at home while her humans work, but she prefers to be around her family as much as possible. Lillet is a major lovebug and genuinely appreciates all attention she gets from people. 

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