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What Does Volunteering for OC Pom Rescue Mean?

OC Pom Rescue is always looking for compassionate individuals who are willing to lend their time and talents to our rescue mission, in whatever capacity they can. Every volunteer makes a huge difference in both saving lives and educating the public on animal welfare.

Our volunteers are of all ages and experience levels - we just look for a shared sense of compassion, communication, and dedication to dog rescue. Rescue work is hard, but rewarding and life-changing. We work to make the adoption process accessible and enjoyable so that we can continue to encourage people to adopt and not shop. This is only possible with the help of our dedicated and passionate volunteers!

Volunteer opportunities in Southern California include fostering, transporting, training, photographing, web designing, grant writing, blog writing, content creating, and more!


Fostering means that you open your home to a rescue dog in need until they find their forever home. During the fostering period, you learn all about a dog's personality, needs, habits, quirks, etc. Fosters also help with potty, crate, and leash training when necessary. 


We do not always know the history of the dogs we get into our rescue, so we ask our fosters to be open-minded and patient as we get dogs in and work to get them adopted. We take dog-owning experience and individual household dynamics into consideration when pairing foster homes with dogs to ensure the best possible foster fit for all. We help provide basic supplies when we have adequate donations, but always appreciate when fosters can supply their own since we are a nonprofit and spend most of our donations on medical care.

Our fosters must be able to drive to Yorba Linda for our dogs' vet and grooming appointments. They also participate in phone screenings and meet and greets for prospective applicants. Fosters play one of the most important roles in OC Pom Rescue - the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save! Fostering is challenging but fulfilling work, and we love our amazing foster network.


Not everyone can foster and we understand that! There are countless ways to help our rescue, both remotely and on the road. Non-foster volunteer opportunities range from shelter transportation to social media outreach to event work and everything in between! The options are limitless, and we welcome any suggestions and ideas on how to expand our mission.

If you are applying to be a volunteer who helps with videography, photography, writing, or other skills we may ask for previous work. This is to see where you can best help and know which volunteers you will be working closely with. If you do not have extensive experience, that is okay! This is a great place to build your portfolio and resume. 

If you are applying to be a transporter, we will ask for your schedule to coordinate the best times and areas for you to help transport dogs. We have extensive connections with shelters in the SoCal area and also take in dogs from owner surrenders across the region, so we have transporters everywhere!


Our Application Process

Submit a volunteer application using the above buttons.

If you are fostering, you will also need to submit a video home check to

The home check must be a current video of the home, including the outside property, all occupants, and pets. For more information on home checks, please view the Home Check section under the Adoption tab.

Once your application has been approved and you have been contacted by an OC Pom Rescue volunteer, we will add you to our private Facebook volunteer group. This is where we mainly contact each other and give updates on our work.

If you have any questions about the fostering or volunteering process, please contact us! We love adding new volunteers to our team and are so grateful for the support of our network.

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