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2 Years

15 Pounds

Mojito has a firecracker personality with tons of energy and fiestiness. He is ideal for an active adopter who wants to take him on ourdoor adventures, like beach days, long hikes, or road trips. Mojito likes people and quickly warms to them with love and affection. He gets overly excited when he sees other dogs, which he shows by lunging and using all of his might to get to them. Other dogs may feel overwhelmed by his energy at first, so we recommend slow introduction so that he learns boundaries with new animals. Mojito needs a dominant adopter who will be strict and consistent with his training as he needs further obedience and socialization training. He responds well and quickly to firm commands and redirection. Once he calms down, he is loyal to his adopter and easy to cuddle. Because of this, we recommend that he goes to a home without small children and without small dogs or animals. 

Mojito is a playful guy and always has the energy to run around and be active. He is trained to go on potty pads. Mojito is good in the car and is good on the leash but needs continued training when he goes into public spaces with other dogs. He is a very social guy and can be stubborn if not firmly corrected or redirected. Because Mojito loves people, he wants to be with someone as often as he can. He may whine or bark if left alone for long periods of time. He is an incredibly sweet guy who is ready to go the distance with an active adopter who wants an adventurous companion. Mojito is a big furball who is very loyal and happy.

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