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2 Years

15 Pounds

Mojito is a little firecracker! He has lots of energy and digs those long walks! He is great with people once he warms up to them. Mojito takes several days to get comfortable in his home and he may be stubborn at first. It is not recommended that he goes to a home with another dog because of his reactivity. Once he calms down he may be fine, but introduction to other animals is a slow process and he will react in an overly excited manner. He loves to play and can't get enough of it. So, introduce him slowly to other animals in the home or in public spaces. 

He's working on potty training, but he uses the potty pads. He loves to sleep with you and be near you even if it's on your bedroom floor. He really is a happy baby and just wants love and stability. Mojito does great in the car and looks forward to going for adventures, like beach days! He is not a fan of being alone, so he is looking for a home where he can get tons of attention. Mojito does great on walks but will pull and bark when he sees something that excites him. Mojito is not ideal for an elderly adopter or for a home with small children. He is looking for a home with an experienced adopter that can be firm with boundaries and his training. He is not fit for a first-time adopter. 

He likes to talk to people, so he will signal to his family that he wants something with a whine or yap. He is a happy, energetic guy who loves people and all things outdoors! He would make an ideal companion to someone who wants a guy to take on outdoor adventures or someone who is home and can give him tons of attention. 

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