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Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles

Featured in Thrillist to promote our June adoption event, "Pride x Pom". Thrillist wrote,"On June 18, OC Pom Rescue and Gay for Good are hosting an adoption and fundraising event at plant-based restaurant Jewel with raffle baskets full of LGBTQIA-owned brands and more."


Canvas Rebel: Meet Jia Caruso

I think what people often forget is how financially and emotionally charged running a rescue can be. Beyond the material donations, the success of a rescue is really dependent on how stable the nonprofit is in receiving consistent funding and support from the community, and since OC Pom Rescue is still new, we don’t qualify or have access to grants that many longstanding rescues have. This became very apparent last year when the rescue inherited 57 Pomeranians from a hoarding case from Northern California (known by our followers as the “Road Trip Pack”). Overnight, we went from 5-7 foster dogs to over 60 and we had to move fast!


HBO's Haute Dog

Brian Marshall grooms Mickey on HBO's Haute Dog. This moment showcased how beautiful this senior guy is, and helped him find a forever home.


Local Stories: Meet Karley List

I originally started helping with rescue pups as a social media coordinator back in 2020 when OC Pom Rescue started. I drove to fosters’ homes, captured photos, and wrote up bios for potential adopters to learn more about their prospective pet. As OC Pom Rescue grew, my role began to change and expand: they needed a website and blog, so that was my next project! Creating all of this was definitely eye-opening, because rescue dogs were being put on display in a different way than what I was used to. Dogs were bought at stores, right? That was what I had thought growing up, so as a team, we wanted to change that conception on dog adoption and be a resource for both experienced and new dog owners.


Small Things, Lil' Peter, Make a Big Difference

Authors, Tasche Laine and Peter Valdez, write a children's story teaching about empathy, responsibility, and caring for pets. Jasmine lent her knowledge of dog rescue and ownership to better inform future young readers! Illustrations all done by Mei Mei Leonard.


Daily Inspiration: Meet Jasmine List

I have an entrepreneur spirit and wanted to do more in rescue by saving more dogs, provide more vetting and incorporate young adult volunteers that would bring in bright ideas with current social media trends and events, as well as provide tools to educate people on rescue work and responsible pet ownership. I fell in love with the Pomeranian breed and wanted to specialize and bring awareness to their curious, happy-go-lucky personalities as well as their common breed ailments such as collapsing trachea and luxating patellas. - Jasmine



Adriana lends her expertise on traveling during the holidays. "Holiday travel can often be a headache, especially now during the COVID pandemic. Taking our furry friends with us on trips can add to this stress, especially when you haven't done it before, or if your dog tends to get anxious during travel. But there are so many measures you can put in place to make the trip go smoothly and make it a great experience for everyone."


ShoutOut LA

Emily tells ShoutOut LA, "In my years of dog rescue and working with fellow animal advocates, my greatest lesson is to have empathy and patience. Myself and others see these dogs at their worst and the whole process of earning their trust and showing them that they are in a safe place can be very difficult emotionally."


Hallmark Home & Family

Vixen visits Larissa Wohl on Hallmark's Home and Family to promote adoptable Pomeranians in Southern California. 


Hallmark Home & Family

Teshi and Peanut visit Larissa Wohl on Hallmark's Home and Family. These two Pomeranians sparked a discussion on the importance of rescues who rehabilitate dogs who need medical attention. 


Servite High School's OC Pom Club

OC Pom Club aims to raise awareness about responsible dog ownership practices on the Servite Campus and their community. Students show their passion through fundraising, blog writing, and social media management. Our own Marketing Director, Karley, works to make volunteering accessible and fun!

IMG_6660.jpg dedicated their digital Valentine's Day fundraiser to showcasing the incredible Pomeranians at OC Pom Rescue. Jia and Jasmine share the mission of the rescue and what resources they are most in need of to best provide quality medical care for their foster dogs.


Rising Stars: Meet Adriana Caballero

"So what started as a one-time foster experience turned into a board member position and role as Director of Partnerships, which now encompasses shelter partnerships, brand sponsorships, and event planning. Being part of OC Pom Rescue since the early days has been such a life-changing experience and taught me so much about animal rescue and our local communities here in LA and Orange County." - Adriana

861A01A7-5636-4803-A188-3B2B6E5620BF.jpeg asked OC Pom Rescue for advice on welcoming a dog into a new home, and this is what we said: "One of our biggest tips for new dog owners is establishing a routine for your new dog right away! There's so much stimulation and new things going on for your pup when it first arrives home that it can be super overwhelming."


Inspiring Stories: Meet Emily List

"I am a co-founder with OC Pom Rescue, a Pomeranian and small breed dog rescue based in Southern California. I specialize in training and socializing dogs that have extreme behavioral issues, such as possessiveness, unprovoked aggression, biting, etc. The dogs in my care undergo a vigorous bootcamp to address their needs and to rehabilitate them away from their learned habits from bad environments. Fortunately, all of my fosters have been adopted out to loving homes!" - Emily


Interested in collaborating with OC Pom Rescue? Interested in donating products? Email to get started. 

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