Let Us Answer Your Questions!

What do donations go towards?

For every dog we welcome into the rescue, we cover spay/neuter, an anesthetic dental cleaning, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, microchip, grooming, and any specialty surgeries, treatments, or medications they may need. For even the most basic and routine vetting, we spend hundreds of dollars on each dog. Small breed dogs, especially Pomeranians, are prone to certain medical conditions (such as luxating patellas, collapsed tracheas, and heart conditions) that require expensive treatment. Many of our dogs also come from neglectful or abusive situations and need extensive rehabilitation for their diet, skin, etc. Donations make it possible for OC Pom Rescue to get them the care they deserve.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Do we have any wishlists?

Yes! We have wishlists through Amazon, Cuddly, and Chewy, which can be viewed by copying the links below: Amazon: Chewy: Cuddly: We also incur monthly costs for food, toys, accessories, and other supplies. Our wishlists feature all of the items we need at any given time. We are also featured on Amazon Smile, and can receive donations through your regular Amazon purchases if you select us as your charity! If you have any items in good condition, you may also send them to our mailing address.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yup! We supply a Tax Donation Form upon request. Just ask a member when you see them or email

Donation breakdown?

$15: Provides 1 dog with a harness $22: Provides 1 dog with flea treatment $40: Provides 1 dog with a professional groom $60: Provides 1 dog with vaccines and a microchip $100: Provides 1 dog with a spay/neuter $200: Provides 1 dog with a dental cleaning $500: Provides 1 dog with full vetting and supplies $1000 + up: Provides 1 dog with a specialty surgery, such as a hernia removal, luxating patella surgery, biopsy, etc.

How You Can Help

Venmo: @ocpomrescue



Visit our Cuddly page to donate to our special needs dogs.

Mailing Address:

170 East Yorba Linda Blvd, Suite 523

Placentia, CA 92870