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100% of your donations go towards the Poms.

For every dog we welcome into the rescue, we cover spay/neuter, an anesthetic dental cleaning, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, microchip, grooming, and any specialty surgeries, treatments, or medications they may need. Donations make it possible for OC Pom Rescue to get the dogs the care they deserve. Donations are tax-deductible.

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The Breakdown




Some of our dogs require regular medication to treat chronic illnesses, infections, or collapsed trachea.



Living Expenses

Dogs need beds, food, harnesses, leash, toys, and numerous other items to live a happy, safe life.



Microchip, Vaccines, Flea Treatment

Every dog is vaccinated and chipped to ensure their health and safety!



Biopsy, X-Ray, or Bloodwork

Biopsies, x-rays, and bloodwork ensure that our veterinarians can give the best medical care.



Spay / Neuter

All dogs get neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted litters and breeding of any kind.



Dental Cleaning & Extractions

Dentals prevent numerous diseases, inflammation, and collapsed trachea. 



Hernia Repair or Mass Removal

Hernias and mass removals arise for numerous reasons and need to be surgically fixed.



Luxating Patella

Sometimes a Pomeranian's patella causes pain or prevents them from walking correctly. Surgery is sometimes medically necessary to improve a dog's quality of life.



Broken Bone Repair

Some dogs break a bone and require surgery to properly place the bone for it to heal correctly.

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