Report a Found Dog

Have you found a lost dog in Southern California? The first step is to scan for a microchip at a local veterinarian's office and check for any ID tags. If you still need assistance, OC Pom Rescue can help you search for their owner through online outreach and networking with our shelter and rescue partners. We will work to the best of our abilities to reunite lost dogs with their original owners. Email us with any found dog information at


Surrender  Your Dog to OC Pom Rescue

We understand that circumstances may change and you may no longer feel able to care for your dog. Surrendering a dog is a difficult and complicated decision. OC Pom Rescue is here to provide compassion and understanding throughout the process, and ensure a wonderful forever home to your companion. We communicate extensively with our owner surrenders to understand their rehoming preferences and update them every step of the way. 

If you are looking to surrender your Pomeranian from your care, please press the button below to submit a surrender application.


An OC Pom Rescue volunteer will then contact you regarding the next steps.