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Foster to Save a Life

Fostering means opening your home to a life that needs it. OC Pom Rescue is always in need of individuals who are committed to temporarily opening their home for a dog that has suffered from varying forms of homelessness, neglect, and abuse. These are not plug-and-play dogs, but ones that need your love, attention, and trust. Fosters completely support OC Pom Rescue's mission: the more fosters we have, the more dogs that we can rehabilitate, vet, and place in their forever home. 

The Process


More Fostering Info

OC Pom Rescue is not averse to getting their hands dirty. The bulk of our volunteers work as fosters in an effort to rehabilitate and safely rehome the many vulnerable Pomeranians that, without rescues, would end up in a kennel, on the streets, or worse. Fostering is a long-term, challenging commitment that includes opening your home to a dog that needs a safe space to decompress and come into its own. 

Many of our dogs come from shelters, which means we have zero knowledge of their history. However, this is where you can help! Fosters gain firsthand knowledge of their rescue Pomeranian's personality, quirks, and needs. Some dogs need to learn how to socialize with others or need basic training, so we ask fosters to provide this level of care to further ensure they thrive in their forever home. 

OC Pom Rescue partners with many brands and has a generous group of supporters who donate food and supplies, which means our fosters are typically supplied with all that the rescue pup will need. All we ask from you is to provide a safe and patient home and transport the dog to their vetting appointments in Orange County, California


Adoption Events

OC Pom Rescue is all about making the adoption process transparent, accessible, and easy for potential adopters! Our adoption events focus on showcasing our incredible volunteer group and rescue pups, while also promoting responsible dog ownership and trusted doggy brands. This is one way that we can get people excited about rescue dogs and advocacy work. Adoption events are held in Orange County or Los Angeles.

Volunteer Opportunities

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