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Our Adoption Process

OC Pom Rescue works to find our dogs a safe and loving forever home, and ensure they will never be homeless, neglected, or abused again. We seek to make the adoption process enjoyable and informative for our applicants by prioritizing timely communication and transparency. We review every single application in great detail and match up applicants based on each dog's individual personality, medical needs, and history. We are a fully foster-based rescue and only adopt out locally to the following counties in Southern California: Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Ventura, and Inland Empire.

Please read below to view the steps in our adoption process.


Select an Available Dog

Check out our available dogs and see if one catches your eye! Our website's listings are always up-to-date on our adoptable dogs. We first introduce our dogs on Instagram and Facebook, but do not post them as available for adoption until they have been fully vetted and behaviorally assessed. Each one of our rescue dogs has a unique set of characteristics and needs, and is looking for its forever home. 

Press the button below to view the available dogs and their bios.

Fill out an Adoption Application

Fill out an application and specify which dog you are applying for. You must be at least 21 years of age to apply! There may be a waiting list, so please be patient with us as we evaluate all incoming applications.

After you submit an adoption application, your application will not be considered complete until a video home check is emailed in to Read further to learn what this is and what we look for.

Submit an adoption application by clicking the button below.

Home Check & Evaluation

Each applicant must submit a video home check to ensure that the home is safe and ready to welcome a new companion. The home check must be a current video of the home, including the outside property, all occupants, and pets. Our volunteers rely on these home checks as a way to scan for any potential security risks inside and outside of the home, and confirm the members of your household. Home checks are a wonderful way to get to know our applicants as well, and understand what dog would be best for their particular home environment. Some of our dogs thrive in quiet apartments, and others need a backyard and a playmate!

The video home check must be submitted to our email,, and you are welcome to submit the video via a single file, multiple files, or a website link.


Meet and Greet & Adoption Trial Begins

Our fosters review all applications for their foster dogs and set up phone screenings and meet and greets for applicants they feel could be a match. From those meet and greets, they choose one prospective applicant to begin an adoption trial. It is at the beginning of an adoption trial that we collect the adoption fee, typically ranging from $350-$650. An adoption trial is a one week period that gives adopters an opportunity to see if the dog is a good fit for them, and it gives the dog time to adjust and decompress in their new home. Some trials do not work out, and that is okay! The purpose of the trial is to ensure the proper fit for both the dog and people. We provide daily communication with our adopters on trial and encourage you to raise any questions or concerns.

While on their adoption trial, we encourage adopters to exercise patience and love while the dog gets used to a new routine and home. Decompression time is a vital part of welcoming a new companion into your home. They require safety, security, and comfort in order to establish trust and blossom into their true, unique selves. Set up a special space for them with a crate, bed, and toys to help them get better acquainted and settled in. Ensure that all escape paths and any potential safety hazards are removed. Simulate your day-to-day life as much as you can while on trial, so you can truly know if the dog will fit into your regular life. If you currently have dogs, set up a space away from your current dogs for a couple of days to ease their transition into a new social atmosphere. Give your current dogs and our rescue dog equal love and go on "pack walks" to encourage bonding.

Be properly equipped with supplies before beginning a trial by heading to to pick up some necessities for your new companion! Click the button below.

Finalizing an Adoption

Your trial period is over and you have decided to officially adopt a new companion. Congrats! OC Pom Rescue will always be a resource for you to answer any questions and remain updated on the well-being of your dog.

Keep in mind that it will take at least a month for your new dog to fully get used to their new home, routine, and other possible changes.


We encourage new adopters to ease their transition into your home by giving them plenty of attention and establishing a consistent routine. Building a trusting relationship encourages your companion to feel at home.

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