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Choosing to Rescue

OC Pom Rescue works to pair each dog with a safe, loving home to ensure that these dogs do not face homelessness, neglect, or abuse again. Choosing to rescue means giving a dog a second chance at a life full of unconditional love and adventure. Learn more about the dogs in our care and our adoption process below.

The Process

Video Home Check

Video home checks function as a safe home environment scan, where volunteers check for potential health hazards and escape routes. The video must include your inside and outside property and all occupants and pets. Videos need to be emailed to, and we recommend larger files to be sent via Youtube, WeTransfer or shared through a Google Drive. 

Home checks are also how we get to know the people behind the digital application. The better we know our applicants, the easier it is for our volunteers to match your family with the perfect Pomeranian.  When you adopt from OC Pom Rescue, you become part of our rescuing community! 


Adoption Fees

What do adoption fees cover?

Exams, microchip, medication, neuter/spay, vaccines, dental, flea treatment, grooming, and living expenses. When you save an OC Pom dog, you save another! Adoption fees directly fund the extensive work and vetting put towards each dog. 

Adoption Fee Breakdown:

Puppy - 2 Years: $650

2 - 4 Years: $600

Adult: $550 - $500

Senior: $450

Frequently Asked Questions


The OC Pom Rescue Community

Rescuing from OC Pom Rescue means you become a lifelong friend and advocate. While our mission is primarily focused on rehabilitating dogs of various ages, sizes, and needs, OC Pom Rescue further promotes dog rescue and camaraderie through alumni events, doggy playdates, and more. We want to remain in our foster dogs' lives and be a lifelong resource for all of our adopters.

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