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Our Adoption Process

OC Pom Rescue works to find our dogs a safe and loving forever home, and ensure they will never be homeless, neglected, or abused again. We seek to make the adoption process enjoyable and informative for our applicants by prioritizing timely communication and transparency.

1. Select an available dog for adoption

2. Submit an adoption application

3. Email video home check to (more info below)

4. Wait for an OC Pom Rescue representative to contact you!


Fill Out an Adoption Application

Fill out an application and specify which dog you are interested in. You must be at least 21 years of age to apply! There may be a waiting list for the dog you are applying for, so please be patient with us as we evaluate all incoming applications.

Submit an adoption application by clicking the button below.

Home Check & Evaluation

After you submit an adoption application, the next step is to send a video home check to  


The home check must be a current video of the home, the outside property, all occupants, and pets. Our volunteers rely on these home checks as a way to scan for any potential security risks inside and outside of the home, and confirm the members of your household. Home checks are a wonderful way to get to know our applicants as well!

*Each applicant must submit a video home check to complete their application and be considered for the adoption of one of our dogs. We will not email you requesting a video home check; it is the adopter's responsibility to complete their application for the adoption of one of our dogs.


Adoption Fees

Your adoption fees go directly to our foster dogs to help cover all of their veterinary care and supplies. The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, all vaccinations, microchipping, flea treatment, deworming if applicable, grooming, and more.


When you adopt one dog, you help OC Pom Rescue save another homeless and neglected dog! Adoption fees help us fund our mission and give quality vetting to each rescue dog in our care.

The adoption fees are firm, but we are always happy to provide documentation for rescue costs when requested. 


Puppies - 2 Years: $650

2 Years to 3 Years: $600

Adult Years: $550-500

Senior or Hospice Years: $450 and down

Adoption fees will vary, depending on the extent of vetting OC Pom Rescue has dedicated towards their health. 

Finalizing an Adoption

Your trial period is over and you have decided to officially adopt a new companion. Congrats! OC Pom Rescue will always be a resource for you to answer any questions and remain updated on the well-being of your dog.

Keep in mind that it will take at least a month for your new dog to fully get used to their new home, routine, and other possible changes.


We encourage new adopters to ease their transition into your home by giving them plenty of attention and establishing a consistent routine. Building a trusting relationship encourages your companion to feel at home.