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Milky Way


5 Months

7 pounds

Milky Way is a sweet puppy looking for a new home!  He loves attention and if he’s ready for playtime, he has no problem speaking up to let you know! Otherwise he’s a pretty quiet guy. He loves to make new friends, but furry and human. His foster mom has a bunny and he’s quickly learned to be gentle and not chase, but is always supervised when together.

Milky Way loves to go on walks, especially if he can run through grass and then lay in the sun for a little break. This curious guy will try to eat sticks and other objects he finds outside, but is working on learning to “leave it.” He will play with his toys on his own, but loves if you join in to play fetch or tug of war. He’s both toy and treat motivated, so is quickly learning commands like “sit,” “drop it,” and “high five.” He’s a very smart little guy that aims to please!

Milky Way knows how to potty outside, but still has occasional accidents and will need some reinforcements of appropriate potty places at his new home. He will chew on items if unattended, but is easily redirected with appropriate puppy chew toys that can’t be shredded with his sharp puppy teeth. Milky Way is looking for a family that will enjoy his playful puppy energy and can provide the attention a puppy requires to learn appropriate behaviors as he matures.

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