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Kit Kat


10 Years

5 Pounds

Say hello to Kitkat! Kitkat is a very sweet and little friend who loves to snuggle and play. Although he is older, he shows a lot of energy and affection towards his foster. Kitkat is easy to care for as he is very tiny. He is potty trained to go outside. It is best to walk him after eating. He’s also learning to be comfortable during car rides. Thankfully, he is in good health! Kitkat is possessive and will guard the person he falls in love with, which does cause him to yap and snap at other people if they try to pet him (when snuggling with his doggy parent). When he falls in love, he really falls in love, jumping and squeaking to be carried in your arms like a baby. You’ll often find him snuggled next to you or taking toys out of the toy box (especially during the evenings).

Because Kitkat is such a tiny boy, he is very easy to groom, feed, walk, and love. He gets along well with other dogs and people, and has been a trouble-free addition to our pack of Pomeranians. He is typically indifferent to other dogs and does not play with them much, but prefers the attention of his humans. All in all, Kitkat is a very loving and affectionate dog, looking for a forever home with sweet parents just like him.

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