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Kit Kat


10 Years

5 Pounds

Meet Kitkat, your ideal companion for playtime and walks! Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a brisk run, Kitkat happily matches your pace on the leash. He's a curious pup, but don't worry – his playfulness is directed only towards the toys you allow. Kitkat is not just a good boy; he's exceptionally well-trained, making him a good housemate. Taking a walk with Kitkat after meals is the key to a mistake-free day indoors. You'll also get to see Kitkat's adorable pom-pom dance when you go outside. He loves treats with a hint of pumpkin – an absolute favorite! Soft food is what he likes, and he appreciates three small meals a day.

Despite his energetic side, Kitkat loves downtime too. He enjoys being held and cuddled like a baby. When it's time to unwind, he gracefully retreats to his bed for a peaceful snooze. Whether you're reading a book or catching up on your favorite TV show, Kitkat will quietly join you, making every moment more delightful.

Kitkat is a well-mannered companion. He rarely barks at people, but be cautious with sudden touches, sound or hand motions – he's a bit sensitive. Separation anxiety is a part of Kitkat's story; he'll follow you everywhere, excluding vacuuming time. While Kitkat is generally okay with other dogs, those who bark at him can be intimidating. He needs a patient approach to adjust to children. Give him time, and he'll surely open up, provided there's no pressure to touch or hold him. Kitkat, a wonderful walking companion, can find car rides challenging. For his comfort and safety, use a dog car seat. This extra measure ensures a secure and content travel experience.

Kitkat is on the lookout for a loving home that appreciates his zest for life. If you're ready to match his energy, offer a cozy space for downtime, and enjoy the occasional pom-pom dance, Kitkat could be your perfect match.

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