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3.5 Years

20 Pounds

Abbazaba, or "Abby" as her foster family calls her, is a sweet American Eskimo looking for a patient new home.  She is nervous with strangers and tends to voice her concerns when she feels uncomfortable.  When she becomes familiar with her family, she enjoys cuddling and seeks out her favorite person to give her continuous pets.  She even enjoys her nighttime routine of being lifted into bed like a princess!

Abby is an independent pup who likes to play with toys on her own or in the company of her favorite human.  When she is not playing with toys, she likes to show off her new tricks like sit, lay down, and high-five for blueberries!  She is a smart girl and food motivated to make you happy.  She will tolerate bath time, but is very wary of the blow dryer and other loud noises. 

Abby knows how to potty outside but will need her forever family to show her where to go and to reward her good behavior.  Abby would do well in a family with older children as she is clumsy and does not know how big and heavy she can be.  She is shy at first and can take a while to warm up, but once she feels safe, she will never leave your side.  She is looking for a calm home that will help build up her confidence and show her how great being a family pet can be. 

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