OC Pom Rescue


Adopt a Dog

Give a rescue dog a second chance at life by welcoming them into your home! Each Pomeranian comes with its own quirks and needs, just like you do! OC Pom Rescue works diligently to match each dog to their perfect person and vice versa. We encourage patience and trust in the adoption process — it is so worth it in the end!


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Volunteer or Foster

OC Pom Rescue is made up of many individuals who lend their talents and time in different ways. Dog rescue takes a village, and we are always looking for an extra hand! Fosters are crucial for the decompression and assessment process, but there are other ways to help, including shelter pick-ups, social media outreach, and event work, just to name a few! If you reside in Southern California, join our team!

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Because OC Pom Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we solely rely on donations to fund the routine medical vetting, specialized treatments, supplies, grooming, and transportation for all of the dogs in our care. Every donation saves lives and keeps us going!

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Surrender a Dog or Report a Found Dog

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances make it difficult for you to provide your dog with the life they deserve. We understand that surrendering a dog is a heartbreaking decision, and we are here to provide compassion and assistance throughout the process.

If you have found a dog in Southern California, we can help you find their owner!

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Who we are

OC Pom Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Pomeranian rescue based in Southern California. We rescue Pomeranians of all ages, sizes, and conditions, and we also welcome other small dog breeds into our care. By prioritizing extensive medical vetting and personalized decompression time, we rehabilitate and heal our dogs from past traumas.  We believe in making the dog adoption process transparent and positive, while also educating the public about responsible dog ownership. Our founders have over ten years of dog rescue experience and we are always welcoming new volunteers to join our team. We are fully foster-based and do not use any facilities. 

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