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Edgar Allan Poe


9 Months

15 Pounds

Edgar Allan Poe is a sweet pup who loves to run around and play. He is easy going and really just loves to cuddle. He is mostly potty pad trained and trained to do his business out on walks or at the dog park. He does have accidents at first until he figures out his potty/walk routine. Edgar rides well in the car and is content in a dog bed or in someone's lap. He enjoys playing with friendly, playful dogs once he warms up to them. He can be shy at first, but warms up quickly to lots of pets and kisses. He walks well on the leash, especially on his normal walking route. He always has his head to the ground trying to sniff out his new surroundings. In new areas, he can get eager on the leash and pull to the next spot he is interested in. He does well in populated areas, but can bark a few times when he sees a new dog that he wants to go up to and get to know. He listens well to redirection in those situations and quiets down quickly. Edgar enjoys chewing on toys while his foster mom works from home. He is pretty quiet in the home and will entertain himself if everyone is busy. He may bark a couple of times to get his foster family's attention if someone is really knocking on the door. If he can, he loves sleeping in his human's bed and he'll full sploot out with floppy arms on his back. He is also happy sleeping on the floor or in a dog bed. Edgar gives sloppy kisses! He is a very kind dog and a sturdy size to cuddle with children as he doesn't mind when his ears, tail, or legs are tugged on. Edgar would be happy in a home with other dogs or by himself. He ultimately wants a loving family that will match his loving, warm spirit!

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