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Lady Gaga


10 Years

13 Pounds

Lady Gaga is a star! She is playful, cuddly, and full of joy. She is an easy-going dog who is house-trained in her current foster home (though, she may not be at first in her new home) and great with kids and other dogs. She is comfortable around house guests and new people.  She loves lots of attention, being pet and scratched, and would do best with someone who is home a lot. She will follow you around the house all day and is happiest when she is with her family. Lady Gaga does bark when her human leaves, so she is looking forward to finding a home where she can be with her humans in the home, at work, and on errands. Lady enjoys exploring the outdoors and will prance on walks and at the park. She really enjoys longer walks and is great with other dogs. She especially enjoys chasing after her humans! Lady Gaga is one amazing Pomeranian!

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