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Tom Petty


10 Years

21 Pounds

Tom (aka Pom) Petty is a true heartbreaker.  This big boy is full of personality and spunk and is ready to melt your heart! He has one of the most adorable Pom faces, gets lots of admiration and compliments from people who meet him, and tilts his head when you speak to him in a sweet voice. He is terrific on a leash and loves to go on long walks. He will bark excitedly when he sees you getting his leash, but he doesn’t bark at dogs he meets during the walk. He enjoys chewing on a bully stick, playing with toys, going on car rides, and exploring the backyard.  He is a domestic gentleman in his foster’s home, is polite to their dogs and family members, and sleeps soundly in bed with them. When his foster parents have to leave the house, he is fine staying in an x-pen while they are gone. He loves naps, belly rubs, and to cuddle up next to you. He is fully potty-trained and will either walk to the door to go out or find you to alert you to let him out. He is good with dogs – especially dogs that are similar in size and temperament.  He is also good with cats, kids, and friendly to everyone he meets. He does not enjoy being picked up from under his ribs, but is fine with the way his foster mom picks him up in a seated position. In fact, if you pick him up in a way he’s comfortable with, he’ll happily sit in your arms and cuddle. He has an underactive thyroid (that is easily treated with a pill in the morning and evening) and is a little overweight. He is currently on a diet and is quickly losing weight. He should remain on a low-fat diet and continue going on daily walks. If you are looking for a big ‘ol teddy-bear to love and adore you, Tom Petty is your guy!

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