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Britney Spears


6 Years

8 Pounds

Britney Spears has Type 1 diabetes and cataracts, but despite her diagnosis, she is a happy, sweet, loving girl!  Britney requires an insulin shot every 12 hours, so she is considered a special needs dog. She is patient and calm while receiving her shot and her foster mom (who had to learn how to do this) is amazed at how easy it is. She can still see shadows, likes to explore and map out her surroundings, and quickly learns her way around the house. Britney loves cuddles, being held, and is a quiet and easygoing dog.  She also loves being outside, going on walks in a stroller, and happily walks on the footpath following her foster mom's voice and steps. She is easy to travel with, great in the car, and happily sits in a doggie sling so she can run errands with you.  Since she is blind she doesn’t like going for walks on leash, but loves the occasional trip to the small dog park where she can wag her tail, run around, and bark (in the general direction) of other dogs. She can get sad when left alone but is comforted if there is another dog or cat present. Like most Poms, she likes to know her humans are around. Britney is trained on puppy pee pads, but will often hold her number 2s for outside. She has started to learn how to walk to her foster mom's back door when she needs to potty, but will need more patient training. She’s the perfect dog for someone who enjoys hanging out at home or works from home. She has the sweetest personality, is quiet and affectionate, and deserves a home where she can live out her best life!

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