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4 Years

10 Pounds

Say hello to Hades! Hades, also nicknamed ‘Kuma’ (because he looks like a bear) is a friendly and playful little fellow who loves to steal socks and squawk his toy. Sometimes you’ll hear squeaking and discover he’s found something mischievous to play with. Othertimes, he’ll want to snuggle next to you like a teddy bear. Although he is young, he does have a bit of anxiety when it comes to being carried, being left alone, or having a harness/leash attached to him. He may also bite if you try to take away something he's chewing on. He is on anxiety medication, but is slowly being weaned off. While anxious, he may nip at you but typically he will just wiggle a lot. Hades is potty trained, but has a strong instinct to mark when at a new home, so diapers will be your best friend for the first couple weeks. He’s also allergic to some types of food, so he will need a regulated diet. Other than that, Hades is in good health! And he will prove by zooming around the house or jumping with excitement, especially when you arrive back home! 

Hades is easy to groom, feed, walk, and love. He gets along with other dogs and people, and has been great company in our pack of Pomeranians. All in all, Hades is an easily lovable dog, looking for a forever home with lovable parents just like him.

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