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2 Years

12 Pounds

Jujube is a rambunctious and sweet Pomeranian. She is quick to walk into any home to play with toys and demand for cuddles. Jujube definitely has a voice and likes to communicate with her family with barks that she is excited or if there is a crazy squirrel running up a tree. Jujube is good as an only dog or with others, though she does play rough when she gets especially excited. She is a sweet dog and would do well with an active household and is kind to dog-experienced children. Jujube enjoys a routine and looks forward to her daily walks, which she goes on at least twice a day. She is happy going for a jog and will show her foster mom that she is excited on a walk by playing with the leash and giving excited growls. She is great to take on a brisk walk or for longer walks on trails. Her accidents are at a minimum once she is on a schedule, so regular walks are the key to preventing accidents. She will go on a potty pad during the night. Jujube is very curious and will find all sorts of ways to play, whether it be playing chase with her foster mom, playing fetch, chewing on a dog bone, or exploring a new walking path. Juju does well in the car and is happy traveling for however long. She has never been in a crate and would probably whine if she was in one. Jujube has worked on recall and obedience training with her foster mom, and she responds well to a regular routine, positive praise, and rewards with treats. Jujube is eager to please her humans! If you are looking for a family dog or a dog who is active and playful, then Jujube would be ideal. She would not be ideal for a quiet home or for an adopter who works for long hours or for someone looking for a low-maintenance pup. Jujube is ver sweet, affectionate, and playful, so she needs a home who wants a dog with her characteristics and who wants to actively engage her with attention and playing time.

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