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1 Year

8 Pounds

Say hello to Josh! Josh is a very timid and shy boy who does well living with other small dogs. A bit of a scary cat, Josh will scamper away at the slightest noise or movement. Yet, he will still tremble and jump from excitement every time you come home (or just move when you sleep!). Because he is so excitable, he may leak a little, therefore, it’s best to hold him over a pad when getting him ready to go for a walk. Josh shows no aggression to other dogs or people when on walks. Currently, his potty training is making progress, as he is being crate trained and trained to pee on pads. Although he does have a bit of separation anxiety, he does well if he has a small companion dog to keep him company.

Because Josh shows no aggression, he is very easy to groom, feed, and walk. Uniquely, Josh is balding! Josh may have a genetic condition (alopecia) that causes him to lose hair on his head and back. There is no special medication for it, however, the only difference it makes in his life is his unique hairstyle. All in all, Josh is a very affectionate and friendly dog, looking for a forever home with parents that are interested in building up his confidence.

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