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4 Years

10 Pounds

While Bruce is small in size, he has a mighty personality!  He enjoys being around people and loves to fetch for hours. We are not kidding at all, this little man would play fetch all day if he could. Bruce loves to be surrounded by toys and blankets so that he can wiggle through them and chew on his favorite toys. 

Bruce can be grumpy when it comes to being woken up from sleeping or resting.  It seems that something happened in his past because whenever he is sleeping and is startled awake or is prematurely woken up, he can be fearful and bite. For example, he sleeps in his foster's bed and a few times he has gotten nudged which scared him and caused him to nip.  So, it is best to give him space during nap time and during the night. 

He may be fearful to new situations, and because of this, he may bite those who he perceives as a threat.  Bruce also has mild separation anxiety, but once calmed down, he enjoys being in his kennel.  It just seems like whatever happened in his past he really finds comfort in those who are kind to him. He is very sweet, eats well, and is food motivated. Bruce is one smart cookie!! When given treats, he will sit and knows how to shake. Bruce would do best with a confident and experienced owner who can establish boundaries and is not afraid to correct unfavorable behavior.  He is not fit for a first-time adopter or one with small children. Bruce's ideal home would be one where he can have patient adopters who want a true rescue dog to give endless amounts of love and TOYS to!

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