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11 Months - 1 Year

5 Pounds

Athena is a little girl with a big personality. She is young and thankfully healthy and will make a loving addition to a family for many years to come. She is very affectionate and will greet you with kisses, jumps and spins. She loves being pet and cuddled. Athena just wants to be near her human(s) and will voice her concerns when she is feeling neglected. She makes a great companion for travel or running errands as she does great on car rides and you can carry her around in a pet sling. Athena loves being outside and sunning herself as well as snuggling on the couch while you watch TV. She sleeps well in her crate at night.

Athena is full of energy and loves going for walks and running full speed during zoomies. She is not fearful or aggressive and will allow new people to pet and hold her without a problem. She is also good around children and other dogs.

She is looking for her forever home and needs an owner who will be patient and willing to devote time to continue working with her on potty training, basic commands and walking on the leash. She is a puppy, so she is looking for a home that is eager to train her and give her the attention she craves! Ideally she needs an owner who is home for most of the day.

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