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4 Years

8 Pounds

Chad is an energetic and incredibly sweet guy. He will run to grab and play with his toys whenever he sees food. He is still learning how to play with toys (tug-of-war, fetch), but has made great progress since he entered his foster home. Chad does great on a leash and is good with short car rides. He does get car sick on longer car rides, so he may need breaks when going on longer adventures. He is very friendly to others and is quick to warm up to anyone who shows affection. Chad is a shadow and wants to be around a human all of the time. If there was an option for him to be permanently in his adopter's arms, he would opt in! Chad does bark when people leave the home and he is alone, or if every person is upstairs and he is left downstairs. Because of this, he would not be ideal for somebody who works long hours in an office, is not home often, or lives in an apartment with neighbors who care about barking. 

Chad is in a home with other dogs and is happy running around with them or just hanging out with his human.  He does well at the dog park and is quick to start running around with the other dogs or he will go around greeting all of the other humans. Chad's ideal day involves cuddling with his human and going for walks and trips to the dog park. He has major eyes for his people, and so nothing makes him happier than to be cuddled and involved in family affairs. While his humans are home working, he happily naps near them in a dog bed. At night, he sleeps in a dog bed. Chad will need a consistent routine for when to potty as he will have accidents at first in his home until he learns when and where is appropriate. He is a super sweet guy and is looking for a home where he can get lots and lots of attention!

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