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3 Years

15 Pounds

Derrick is a gorgeous boy who is a sweet, loving, social-butterfly. He believes everyone is his friend and loves meeting new people and dogs. He’s good with kids and, with proper introductions, would probably be good with any type of animal (cat’s, etc.). He has been going to the dog park everyday with his foster family and loves making new friends. Because he’s so beautiful and friendly, he’s incredibly popular and gets a lot of compliments and attention. Since he thrives in a social environment, Derrick would be best living with other friendly, playful dogs. While he is a playful boy, he’s just as excited to snuggle up for a nap. Derrick is quick to bond with anyone he meets and is incredibly trusting and affectionate. Want a dog you can take anywhere? Derrick’s your dude! Derrick has an adventurous spirit and loves going on car rides, running errands with his human, going on walks, going to the dog park, taking trips to the beach, etc. His adventurous spirit can also make him want to escape from your backyard so he can explore all those sounds and smells. His family will need to be with him when he’s outside or he will start plotting his escape. He is potty-trained in his foster family’s home, but still wants to lift his leg and leave his scent wherever he goes. He will need a patient family that is willing to teach him how to stop marking in inappropriate places. Derrick has a thick, beautiful coat that needs regular grooming so his undercoat doesn’t get matted. His previous owners neglected to groom him and his hair was so matted it constricted his ability to move freely. It took 4 hours of cutting to remove all of his thick mats, but Derrick was patient the entire time. He even fell asleep in his foster mom’s arms while she groomed him. He is truly the friendliest, sweetest, most gentle dog you will ever meet! Derrick deserves a loving family that will take good care of him and include him in their adventures!

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