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2 Years

10 Pounds

Skittles is a sweet and low-key dog. He is content sitting in his dog bed while his foster mom goes about her day working from home. Skittles LOVES car rides and is happy to go on any errand. He loves cuddling up to his human and will walk up asking for pets if anyone sits on the ground. Skittles is scared of new situations, so he will need several days to decompress and do his own thing in his future home. He was not cuddly at first, but needed several days to get used to his surroundings independently before he walked up to his humans and asked for pets with head nudges. He may nip or growl if he is uncomfortable, so going slow with Skittles is key. However, when he is outdoors, he is very curious and happy. He gets a pep in his step and is confident in exploring new areas. Skittles has his nose down and tail up whenever he goes to the park or on errands. He really loves to explore and may indicate to his people that he wants to sniff an area for a bit longer. He does great on the leash and is very keen on getting to know his outdoor spaces. Skittles is a loyal dog and does his best to be on his best behavior at all times for his humans. He responds well to positive praise and scratches. He may bark in his foster mom's backyard if he hears her neighbors doing yard work. However, he will stop with a firm "sh" sound and come up to his human for pets to show that he is being a good boy. He is currently in a home with several other dogs, and he is pretty indifferent towards their presence. He is cool with them there, but he does not typically lay in a bed with them or play with them. Skittles LOVES to play with toys and will come running if he hears the squeak of a toy. Skittles is very good with routines and has nailed down his foster mom's routine quickly. He will go potty outside after meals and will use potty pads while she is out for a few hours. Skittles is not a fan of belly bands or crates. He has a great appetite and will happily lick his bowl clean. He is looking for an experienced adopter without small children to continue to show him love and be his confidence in new situations. 

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