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Ernest Hemingway


9 Years

6 Pounds

Hemmy is an energetic little guy with a heart of gold, who loves walks outside, playing fetch with his favorite toy (a squeaky baguette!) and hunting for blueberries around the house!

When at home, he loves to be near his person wherever they are, and will rest quietly nearby, until you’re ready to go out for walks! Walks are amazing and might even rate higher than blueberries for Hemmy. He sets a pretty fast pace and loves exploring. While he may stop to sniff trees, he very easily moves on with a little nudge for “leave it” from his human. He is house trained and will sometimes stare at the leash if he would like to go out, but generally just waits until before meal time. Likely because of his love of the outdoors, Hemmy has honed his skills as an escape artist, so his new humans should plan to take care when coming and going! He is growing comfortable with the crate as well, but prefers to be close to his humans if allowed.

Hemmy is unbothered by loud noises (lawn mowers, leaf blowers, vacuums) but very protective of himself, his toys, and people who he perceives may be in danger of being harmed, by fingers. He also gets very upset when he hears human cries, screams or fighting on the tv. His confidence is growing, he’s become much more comfortable in a short time, and is very communicative with his foster about when it’s ok to touch him, and when he prefers to have his space. His new humans should be patient, consistent with communication, and in tune with his cues to continue to build trust and his sense of safety.

He’s also beginning to open up with new people and faces as well, but needs to be carefully monitored with to ensure he feels safe, and that his space is respected. Because of his fear of fingers and rapid movement, it’s best for Hemmy to be in a child free home.

Above all, Hemmy is an academic who loves to learn, and with very little training has already leaned “sit,” “stay,” and “touch”. He enjoys his training sessions and works so hard to do a good job! He is likely a great candidate to agility training and other types of tricks!

He loves to meet and greet other dogs on walks (except Frenchie’s) and is very playful with them. He’s also very happy when he visits the neighbors cats, and approaches them calmly. He’d likely be so happy in a home with another dog or cats as playmates.

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