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2 Years

11 Pounds

Eros is a bundle of joy! He's extremely energetic and loves attention, getting belly rubs, and giving kisses to all people. He's also very playful and is ready to play keep away with his stuffed bear at any time of the day. We typically take him on two one-mile walks each day and periodically play him throughout the day to keep him occupied. That being said, he is completely comfortable taking a nap in his crate when you're busy at work. 

He does need to improve at jumping on people as well as obeying basic commands such as sit and stay. In addition, when we took him to a local dog park, he acted a bit awkward around other dogs.  He also sheds a lot, though his fur easily comes out of our couch, clothes and rug. Fortunately, he's crate trained—in fact, the first day we fostered him, we went into his crate when he we told him it was bedtime without us asking—as well as leash and house trained. We should mention that he has acted somewhat aggressively when we have gone to shut the door on his crate at night for reasons we don't understand. With that said, he's never lashed out at us, either inside or out of the crate. He is perfectly fine in the morning after some beauty rest. 

Overall, he's a ball of loveable cuteness! He'd be great in family with kids (he's great with the kids we've interacted with -- besides the jumping part). He'd also be okay in an apartment so long as they are okay with greeting barks (only at the mail man or people walking up or down the stairs to their apartment doors) and taking him out often for walks to get his energy out. 

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