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3 Years

8 Pounds

Jared is an insanely friendly and sweet Yorkie. He LOVES to play with toys and is always ready to play fetch. Jared is easy to please; he loves all and any human attention. Jared is in a foster home with several other dogs and he doesn't mind any of them. He is mostly focused on getting attention and playing time with his humans. He does well on the leash but may pull at first until he calms down. Jared does well at the dog park and is very sociable. He is happy to go up to anyone for pets and may start to play fetch after he does his round of greetings. Jared does best on a schedule, so he likes to have a regular routine for feeding and pottying. He is friendly to all animals and humans and is a sturdy size for a variety of households. Jared is typically quiet at home but may bark if something frightens him in the backyard, like if a squirrel pops up out of nowhere to him. However, he is quick to calm down and looks to his human for what to do next. Jared can be sad when his human leaves at first for work and he shows that by grabbing his human's slippers or one of their belonging. It may help at first to put these items out of reach until he realizes that you are coming back. He enjoys treats and has learned to expect one when his human comes home from work. He does great in the car but he may get carsick for longer car rides (30 minutes +). Jared is looking for a home where he can get tons of attention and be his human's world. He craves affection and shows his love and appreciation to his family with his loyalty and legendary face kisses. 

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