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George Michael


6 Years

8 Pounds

George Michael is a sweet-natured calm curious boy who loves to explore his surroundings whether it be in the home or using his nose to smell different scents during his daily walks in the neighborhood. George especially loves to play with squeaky toys and at times will get an outburst of energy that may lead to zoomies when happy and content. He is very friendly towards dogs and will wag his tail immediately as he approaches them. He is timid and reserved when meeting adults and will approach children comfortably. He is currently used to doing his business outside, however, a belly band is recommended for potential marking, especially when entering new places.

George Michael enjoys walking alongside his dog pals and does not hesitate to show you want he wants by standing upright on his back legs and making a circle motion with his front paws towards the direction he wants to go. He will jump when there is food on the kitchen counter to attempt to grab the food. He enjoys car rides and trips to the local park and pet store. He adapts easily to schedules and routines and has learned to sit upon command.  During the day, George Michael can be found sleeping near his foster brother while his foster mom works from home. He prefers to sleep in a dog bed or lounge on the couch.

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