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8 Pounds

Shawnee is a sweet, gentle, playful and funny dog.  She loves her humans and greets them by dancing on her hind legs or patting the ground with her front paws.  She is shy at first and likes to be “under” things, so having a patient, experienced owner to help her acclimate and build her confidence would be best.  She would do best in a home that’s on the quieter side and does not have kids.  Shawnee walks great on a leash, is crate, pee pad and potty trained, but may need a little time to readjust to a new home environment.  She does well with other dogs, but prefers her humans.  She loves to take naps and cuddle close to them much of the day, so having an owner who is retired or works from home and has lots of time for her would be ideal.

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