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11 Years

5 Pounds

Brad is a very gentle boy who does well living with other gentle small dogs. Nicknamed ‘Shippo’, which is Japanese for ‘tail’, he will follow behind you or your dog like a tail. If he gets very attached to you, he will yap to get you or your dog’s attention. He’s very tiny, so it’s best to handle him with care, as he can easily get under you as you walk or sit. Jumping on and off a couch can be a struggle for him, so you may need to adjust your home to accommodate his small size. He will likely growl if you pick him up or pet him too rough. Currently, he is learning new words like ‘walk’ and ‘treats’. He’s very easy to walk, doesn’t pull much, and will follow you if you gently tug his leash. He isn’t house-trained, but his foster parents are currently working on that with him. He does have separation anxiety so he will do well with someone who works from home or has a small companion dog to keep him company.

Brad is naturally fluffy, so it is recommended to gently brush his fur daily, though he will likely growl at you when you first start. The same goes for brushing his teeth. The key to becoming a trusted friend to Brad is being very gentle, patient, and accommodating. All in all, Brad is a very sweet and gentle dog, looking for a forever home with parents just like him.

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