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2 Years

11 Pounds

Madonna is a sweet girl who is in search of her forever family that will give her ample amounts of attention.  She has playful puppy energy and will require a home that can keep her busy. Madonna will need an experienced owner that will continue to socialize and train her.  She is wary of strangers, especially men, and takes a while to warm up.  When scared, she can be nippy and is not recommended for a home with inexperienced or small children.

She is also working on her playtime manners with other dogs as she is still learning boundaries.  She enjoys playing and would do well in a home with another young dog for her to bond with. Madonna walks well on a leash and is curious about her surroundings.  She feels safe in a kennel and will retreat when she needs space.  She is currently learning how to potty outside, but will occasionally have accidents.  She enjoys following her foster mom around the house and will eagerly accept treats from those she is comfortable with.  Madonna would thrive in a home that is patient and ready to teach her how to trust and love!

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